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NOT YOU, MANATEE by krahka NOT YOU, MANATEE by krahka
Base: ~zipple

This is for ~MissRoxieGraves's non-human collab. It's kind of hilarious how completely different they look but eh.

First one is Darth Kleskizhae, my Sith Juggernaut on the Old Republic. He's a ridiculous flirt, likes getting into fights, is a man of honor, has a major problem with authority figures, and is super light sidey despite how much he talks about how he's going to rip people's hearts out.
Basically imagine if Darth Vader was always a Sith, was constantly making fun of the Emperor and how old he is and his questionable taste in fashion, if he was kind, merciful and excessively buddy-buddy to his subordinates and if instead of having one of cinema's least convincing love stories, had a adorable, respectful romance with a Twi'lek thief who shared his bizarre sense of humor and strong sense of morals.

Then there's Thistle Flower, my favorite Morrowind character. She's an Argonian huntress who assassinates people with magic and spears. She takes absolutely zero shit from anyone, dislikes most civilized people and is occasionally prone to bouts of mass murder. Also, she's a hero of prophecy who accidentally was part of the events that destroyed the province she came to love. Which is incredibly depressing and something I'll never get over.
I'm not as happy with how she turned out as how Kleskizhae turned out. I'm not very good at huge heads, and I had to redraw the whole head to make her lizardy head, so she'll look really out of place. Ah well.
BlackfyreValyrian Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2012
YES AN ARGONIAN. God I love the Elder Scrolls xD ... lol wow that was my instant reaction. I adore them both though ;u ;
And she doesn't look odd to me, it looks more like he's running away from her and she's chasing him with that spear because she's smaller : P I'd run too though, that spear is dangerous ahaha
krahka Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist

I don't know if you've played Morrowind specifically, but she got that spear from Sheogorath after killing a giant floating jellyfish with a fork. That spear's killed multiple gods, so yeah, it's dangerous, to say the least. Don't know how it'd do against lightsabers, though.
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August 4, 2012
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